Get renewed through food and eating…and become radiantly colorful!
The Rainbow Diet is a colorful intelligent and intuitive system for putting together your eating and living in a holistic way that brings you vitality, energy, and peace of mind.
It’s a diet book that’s not a diet.
It’s about eating the rainbow of colors for living a colorful life in an easy-to-follow way!

Get ready to nourish your body, mind, & spirit with The Rainbow Diet



The Rainbow Diet was designed by nutritionist and Dr. Deanna Minich not as a quick fix, but as a new approach to food, eating, and your life.

Rather than depleting and depriving, it’s life-giving and nourishing.

Rather than being about rules, it’s freeing you into the flow of you.

The Rainbow Diet is a  comprehensive holistic health guide that helps you to understand the physical and energetic properties of foods through their colors. 

Every food and nutrient has a “color code” – you take a questionnaire, figure out which color you need, and the color syncs with different nutrients. 

When you eat colors according to this system, you’ll begin to live a more colorful, radiant, vibrant life!


Did you know…

  • That foods have a color signature that connects to a well-defined system so you can select them based on what you need?
  • That food feeds not just the body, but has effects on emotions, your mind, and even your spirit?
  • That dietary supplements can be used intelligently with foods to help you fill your nutrient gaps? 

The Rainbow Diet includes:

  • A holistic, novel system to understanding foods and dietary supplements, with expert advice from Dr. Deanna Minich
  • An organized framework to learn to align your body, psychology, eating and living – all in the convenience of one book
  • A personalized questionnaire to help you identify and tackle your individual health concerns
  • Recipes and daily activities to help you heal and flourish, with guidance to ensure you stick to the goal-a life long journey toward optimal health


The Rainbow Diet is a fully integrated system aimed at tackling all your health issues. It offers actionable steps to put you back into the state that allows for a thriving life based on years of experience and research by Dr. Deanna Minich.


Get your copy of The Rainbow Diet and start feeling

holistically radiant and energized in body, mind, and spirit!  

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