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Most detox programs focus on ridding our bodies of the bad foods or chemicals that prevent us from achieving total health.

Dr. Deanna Minich discovered that to achieve true wellness, we must address all of the toxic elements in our lives, which includes issues like emotional baggage, nagging stress, angry inflammation, and pessimistic thoughts.

Using Whole Detox, you can remove toxins, repair existing health issues, boost energy, improve relationships, find purpose and passion, and much, much more!

The 7 Systems of Health

These seven areas of your health comprise your whole self and are addressed within Whole Detox.

Are all of your 7 Systems of Health in balance?

Rejuvenate, renew, and replenish your
7 Systems of Health with the
7 Areas in the Whole Detox Program

It’s time now to step into this wholeness.

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