Dr. Deanna Minich has taught, presented, and lectured at large, professional, scientific conferences, academic meetings, and workshops for patients. Her full-spectrum work comes alive through her dynamic presentations filled with colorful visuals. She effectively brings together the latest science with a creative, interactive approach, and can communicate to high-level professionals as well as to groups of inquisitive consumers or patients. Most people have commented how inspired they feel after hearing her talks. They find her mission of being a scientist with a well-rounded perspective on health to be refreshing and engaging.

Talks can be catered to meet your individual organization’s specific needs and objectives.

Samples of speaking topics include:

Your Full-Spectrum Life Your Full-Spectrum Life is Dr. Minich’s signature talk. She’ll tour you through your inner colors to show you how to zero in on the parts of your body—and your life—that most need nourishing, healing, and revitalization. You’ll be introduced to effective tools to target your own personal barriers by using The Spectrum Quiz™. Her system is one of the fastest and most effective way to become your healthiest, most energized, and most fully realized self.

Whole Detox: A Colorful Way to Nourish & Cleanse Many detox programs are out there. Dr. Minich has found that the reason most detoxes have so little staying power is that they treat only a part—but not the whole. They deal with part of your body—not your whole body. They tell you what to take out—but they don’t focus on what to put in. They deal only with your physical body—not with your whole self. And as a result, they often fail. Through the 7 Systems of Health she has developed, you will see how Whole Detox integrates Western science and Eastern medicine. It is a systematic way of overcoming every barrier that keeps an individual from health, energy, and fulfillment.


Dr. Deanna Minich is a pioneer in the field of functional nutrition who sees beyond diet and lifestyle into several aspects of one’s health. She is easily able to take the science of nutritional biochemistry and connect it to the art of mind-body medicine for a complete whole-self approach to health and healing. —Amy Myers, MD, author of The Thyroid Connection

Dr Deanna Minich is one of those special people who has both the gifts of a scientific mind coupled with an equal measure of artistic humanism. She is a “blender” of the objective with the less tangible energies that define what allow people to do amazing things. In the ten years I have had the privilege of working with her I have been amazed at seeing her continual growth and contributions as a woman of great substance in pushing forward the evolution of the healthcare movement. —Jeffrey Bland, PhD, “Father of Functional Medicine”, author of The Disease Delusion

Deanna is brilliant. I’m continuously amazed at her knowledge of the world of wellness and how to turn that knowledge into right action to help both individuals and organizations! —Alejandro Junger, MD, author of the bestselling book, Clean

When I heard Deanna presenting at the Metagenics Lifestyle Summit, I knew immediately that we needed to request her as a keynote speaker for our conference. Her integration of science and art when it comes to understanding our relationship to (and use for) food was unique and enlightening and something that had to be shared with the larger community of holistic nutrition professionals so they could be more effective in helping their clients. Deanna’s brilliant and powerful message wowed our membership and me personally…in fact, I look at food in a positive new light since hearing her speak. If you are looking for a thought leader in nutrition, a passionate presenter, and a whole new spin on how to better nourish yourself and your patients or clients, look no further than Deanna Minich. —Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, LPSN, VP National Association of Nutritional Professionals

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