Flow Fire Whole Self Wellness Retreat 2018
with Dr. Deanna Minich

Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark?
Instead of feeling inspired, do you feel burnt out?

With the craziness of social media, constant everyday life demands, and a deluge of work, sometimes it’s necessary to get away — really away — to focus solely on YOU without distraction. Taking an intentional pause and dedicated time away reminds you that life can be joyous, nourishing, and fulfilling.

Join me for the threedayinperson
FLOW FIRE Whole Self Wellness Retreat

on Labor Day Weekend (August 31st – September 2nd, 2018)

The retreat will be held at the beautiful Harmony Hill Retreat Center in Union, Washington, USA, which overlooks the Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula. This retreat is a chance to bring your inner stressed FIRE back to center while engaging in your creative FLOW.

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What is the FLOW?


The FLOW is about your sense of play, emotions, ability to move through life with ease, creativity, and partnerships. It is associated with the color orange. Sometimes we are so busy working that we forget to play. Or we’ve had significant trauma in our lives to the extent that we stop feeling. Emotional health and creativity are associated with good health and wellness.

What is the FIRE?


The FIRE is your ability to harness your inner inspiration and make it work in the world. It’s about balance, how much energy you have, and how empowered you feel. It is represented by the color yellow. When our FIRE is out of check, we literally present as “burnt out” or “fried to a crisp” with all our daily undertakings. It can feel as though we are drowning in responsibilities without any balance.

During the retreat, I’ll be helping you to nourish your whole colorful self
and particularly harmonize your flow and fire by:

  • Engaging in creative activities with art, music, and movement, to stimulate the FLOW, or our emotions, sense of play, and connection to our senses
  • Walking in nature and bringing in elements of nature to calm our inner stressed FIRE (there are 11 acres with a tree-lined trail, along with a gorgeous view of the Hood Canal and Olympic Mountains)
  • Journaling in specific ways to help digest the overwhelm of what we have in our day-to-day
  • Discussing unique solutions from mind-body exercises, and putting them into balanced action
  • Eating the most incredible, home-grown, home-made food with lots of color, plants, and protein

I’d love to have you join me at this year’s FLOW FIRE Whole Self Wellness Retreat!

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Get ready for CURIOSITY

Get ready for CREATIVITY

Get ready for COMMUNITY


Registration is now open! Sign up to reserve your spot today!
We may collect, use and process your data according to the terms of our Privacy Policy.