The Color Can Heal Your Life! podcast with Dr. Deanna Minich explores creativity, nourishment, and healing using a full-spectrum of approaches for bringing out the rainbow of you.


The True Color of Thyroid Health

In this podcast, Lisa Markley and Jill Grunewald share with me their journey to finding out about their thyroid conditions and what they did about it. You’ll learn how they put their learning and passion to good use to create a cookbook for those with thyroid and...

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The Fear of Red

Red is a color with mixed impressions: you might love it or dislike it. It usually evokes a strong reaction from the viewer. In this podcast, Dr. Deanna tells you the connection between bodily inflammation and the color, red, and how wearing red might be related to...

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My Date with Yellow

Every color of the rainbow has a personalized message for you. Through your experience with color, you can tap into greater creative expression, which is essential for your health. In this segment, Dr. Deanna describes what happened when she went "on a date" with the...

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Falling in Love with Green

Dr. Deanna continues to move through her experiential phases with each color, and this time, it's green. In this podcast, she will tell you about her love of green and what love and the heart has to do with green. You'll hear how you can bring more healing green into...

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My Rainbow Story

You might have heard that "food is medicine," and it certainly is on many levels. However, maybe it's not the only thing that heals us. One overlooked way to heal is through creativity and living a more creative, flowing life rather than one that is bottled up,...

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